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Hand Cream 100ml

Specially formulated to nourish skin leaving hands soft and silky

ETHOS Kiwi Scrub 14ml

Kiwi Scrub is jammed packed full of Vitamin C, E as well as Ginseng Root Extract, Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oils that moisturise and hydrate the nails, while Passion Fruit Powder is used to exfoliate dry and rough nail surfaces.

ETHOS Volcanic Base 14ml

Ethos Volcanic Base is a nail hardener enriched by Volcanic Stone Extract and Pistachio Oil to strengthen and protect weak or brittle nails.

ETHOS Vitamin Dose

Ethos Vitamin Dose is a new and improved formulation on a Bio Sculpture favourite suitable for all nail types.

ETHOS Lavender Base 14ml

Known for its soothing properties, the improved Lavender Base formulation now has added Rosemary Leaf Extract and additional botanical goodness that help enrich and restore weak and damaged nails.

ETHOS Mirror Top Coat 14ml

Mirror Top Coat is a smooth and silky nail polish finish which has a plumping effect to increase the shine and brilliance of the nail colour.

ETHOS Oxycoat 14ml

Ethos OxyCoat is a nourishing base coat with antioxidant properties.

ETHOS Seaweed Calcium Base 14ml

Ethos Seaweed Calcium Base is derived from Red Alga Seaweed Extract that helps strengthen the keratin structures of the nail to increase flexibility.

ETHOS Almond Oil 14ml

Infused with Almond, jojoba, avocado and vitmain E oils, Ethos Almond Oil nourishes the cuticle, keeping it hydrated and healthy.

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