So why GoBeauty?

Because we live busy lifestyles and still need to take care of ourselves and our beauty needs.

GoBeauty is truly a unique online platform accessible to everyone who is looking for a beauty place, treatment or product.

With an instant access to the most comprehensive collection of spas and beauty salons it gives you all the information and tools to stay beautiful: 

A standardized snapshot of each place with photos and amenities

List of services they offer with their most popular treatments

Accurate information and customers reviews


A fast growing and trusted platform where you can:

Book your beauty treatments at any place directly

Buy & send gift vouchers instantly and conveniently across the country

Buy your beauty products online - even the ones that are not normally available online anywhere else*


*Skincare products are not normally available to buy online as they need to be prescribed by skincare professionals; GoBeauty has developed a special algorithm that the Product Houses approved and now made these products available for online sales exclusively for the salons and spas listed with GoBeauty (launching April 2018) 

When use GoBeauty?

When you are looking for a treatment and you don’t know where to go - for example “Environ Facial in Windsor”

When you are looking for a beauty place or spa or laser or any other kind in your area, for example “Hair Salon in Guildford”

When you would like to see the Special offers in your area and receive notifications for only your area within 15km around where you live or work

When you want to make a booking online, out of hours and actually get a response

When you want to send a Gift voucher to someone special and they get to decide where to use it

And NOW exclusively on GoBeauty, when you want to replenish your skincare and you don’t have the time to get in the car and drive and park just to get it from your salon ... you can order online from your salon on GoBeauty!  And they usually come to you the same day delivery free :) 


GoBeauty is listing spas, beauty, hair and nails salons, laser and aesthetic clinics, wellness centres, nail bars, hair salons and mobile services including hair and makeup artists.




A customer story

 “ I’ve got very oily skin with breakouts and acne, I don’t know what to do … ”

  • Read GoBeauty Blog on treatments for oily skin and acne

“Uh, yes I can see there are treatments specifically designed for my problem such as the Facial Peel, but where can I have it done in my area and how much does it cost?”

  • Search GoBeauty for Facial Peel in my area

“Yes, found a few places … but now which one is good, which one can I trust??

  • Read reviews

"Ok, got that one! Now how do I book?"

  • Click on “Book” and let them call you back!

“Fantastic, just had my treatment and my skin is so much better already! But now I ran out of my products and can’t leave work to go to the salon to buy some more …

  • Go to your salon and click on Products and order the product online, these specialised products are available for you to be able to buy it and from your favourite place!

We continue to innovate and revolutionise the beauty industry, empowering our consumers and assisting in growing beauty businesses and enhancing the industry and improving user experience. 

So please send us any feedback you have, we would love to hear from you :)

The GoBeauty team xxx