Inversion Therapy

What is Inversion Therapy?


Inversion therapy is a technique where one is suspended upside down to stretch out the spine (spinal traction) and relieve back pain. The goal is that by shifting the body’s gravity, relieving incredible amounts of pressure and in turn, relaxing the back muscles through disrupting your normal rhythms.

It is believed that through inversion therapy, you can resolve and prevent back problems through the decompressing of the body in reversing gravity. It is also believed the stretching and circulatory benefits can help prevent future related health issues.







Through this spinal traction, pressure is relieved throughout the back muscles and improves the spatial distance between the spinal discs, allowing further flexibility and mobility.

For these reasons, you may benefit from inversion therapy in the following ways:

  • Reduces back pain

  • Improves spinal health

  • Increases flexibility

  • Can reduce the need for surgery

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