Cupping Massage




Cupping might be one of  the trendiest forms of massage at the moment, but this technique has been practised for centuries by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures. It is a form of alternative medicine that has many purposes in helping to ease inflammation, circulation and a form of deep tissue massage. It also assists in the relief of anxiety and fatigue. The cups used to initiate this therapy can be made of glass, bamboo or silicone. There are also two types of cupping: wet and dry. Perhaps give this one a go if you would like to explore the world of alternative medicine.



During your dry cupping session, your therapist will add something flammable like herbs, alcohol or paper into the special cup and set it alight. Once the fire goes out, she will put the cup upside down onto your skin.  As the air inside the cups cool, it will form a vacuum. The skin will then bloat and redden as the blood vessels expand. It is normally left on the skin for 3 minutes. In the case of wet cupping, the same technique is used, except, once the therapist removes the cups, she will use a scalpel to make tiny cuts into the skin. Another suction will be done to draw some blood. It is believed that the wet cupping technique assists in drawing out harmful toxins from the body.




I’m sure you’ve seen some post cupping images and it all looks rather strange. But you WILL leave the session with red circles on your body after your cupping massage. It all depends on why you went for cupping which will determine how long the marks will stick around. If you had dynamic cupping, the marks will be fainter and should disappear in a day or two. Stagnant cupping marks (more intense cupping), might last from 3 days to a few weeks.




If you usually love a deep and intense massage, this could be a painless experience for you. If not, some moments during the cupping therapy,  it might feel a bit uncomfortable. But to make it as comfortable for you as possible, it is advised to be hydrated and have a shower or steam session to soften and warm the muscles just before you arrive for your cupping appointment.  


Ouch Factor: 4/10

Effectiveness: 7/10

Time Taken: anywhere between 15-60 minutes

Parent: Massage

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