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What are the blackheads? 

Black heads, known as an open comedone, is a blocked pore. Blocked pores or comedones occur when the pores of the skin becomes blocked with an oily substance known as  sebum or with dead skin cells. The dead skin cells or sebum build-up which is blocking the pore reacts with the oxygen in the air and it turns black (oxidisation). Acne lesions are closed , whereas black heads are open. They  look like specks of black siting on the skin and can be found on the face, neck, ears and back. Black heads are easily formed on the chin and nose where there is a build-up of excess oils.


What causes blackheads?

Black heads appear when your hormones increase sebum (oily substance) production.

Blocking or covering of pores with cosmetics

Excess sweating

Shaving and opening up the hair follicle

Steroid based drugs

High humidity


How to prevent blackheads from forming?

Black heads can be prevented or treated with a careful cleaning regime, which includes decent facial products.


What are the best treatments for blackheads?


Chemical Peel

Deep Cleanse skin facial

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